Run review: # 1 for the year

Run number: 1562
Date: 15 July 2012
Hare: Scarlett Runnerbean
Starting: Pioneer Park, Mount Helena

Scarlett Runnerbean  has developed the cunning and deviousness of veteran run-setter/nazi interrogator.  Today’s run was the epitome of form and function (and punishment!), a marvel of design, and setting a high bar for the rest of the year.  The trail looped in and out, frequently returning to the walker’s trail before before spiralling outwards again, like a wayward moonlander full of Hashers desperately trying to stabilise themselves in orbit around a giant planetry eski full of beer.   Most ingenious of all was when we skimmed by the Mt Helena Tavern, smelling the sour beer in the wind, hearing the drunken hubbub from inside…but unable to get our noses in the door for a pip.  And the grand finale was the final leg looping back inside itself to have a grand tour of the Mt Helena bush block (and we thought it was nearly over!) and finally heading home.

Somewhere along the way we lost a certain short-cutting bastard.  I’m not sure what happened to him (Passiona!) in the end, but he had that well-rested look by the time everyone else staggered Home.

Special honours go to to Effigy for having a near-perfect run of false trails.

Treats were abound after the run, with some pancakes thanks to Made Muffin, and then Hash Nosh thanks to Red Dwarf….curry on a cold day is hard to beat.  Secondary thanks go to the shire for having working BBQs that warmed out pot, our hands, and perhaps even our hearts.

The circle marked GPS’s first run as GM.  I can’t remember anything that happened from then on, as it was a blur of relief and pancakes, curry and exhaustion.

2 Responses to “Run review: # 1 for the year”

  1. passiona
    passiona July 22, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Great write-up El Keno, they’ve given me the SCB award now I’m going to earn it.

  2. tickhead July 22, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Found the new website after repeatably visiting the old website (google is occasionaly garble). Looks good!
    It was a lovely walk around the green roads of Darlington today. Good too see the Shire is fixing the roads so we have smoother surfaces to walk (or run) on. Maybe we need to talk to the Shire about flattening some of the hills. On On!