Run Report for August 5th 2012

Run #1565
Hare: Pink Bits & Skimpy
On On: MJ Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

Unfortunately I’ve left it a few days so my memory of the run is now a bit vague, but here goes:

Quite a large gathering gathered for this run.  The day was fine and warm.  The opening circle was a mess … nothing out of the norm.  Anyway, off we trotted, uncertainly following a mysterious path of “W”s.  The trail was an enticing blend of said letters, dots and arrows.  At first I thought we might be making the long trek down to the river along Hardy Road, but after a few false trails we ended up cutting east into the bush block beside Avalon Wines.  We circled around it and returned westwards from there.  There were not too many false trails (or if there were we stumble upon the main trail before finding them), so the front-runners edged away from the pack.  From there, it was a free-for-all of homeward trail finding.  Some came out onto Casino Road and retraced the outward trail back in, others sprung out lower down on Hardy Road and followed it home.  Some ad-libbed completely and seemed to step from the wrong direction all together …

Unfortunately, that’s about where my run report ends, as I had to leave in a bit of a rush.  If anyone has any bits to add, please do so in the comments.

On on!
El Keeno

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