Run report for August 12 2012

Hare: Skippy
On on: The Dell

There seems to be a connection between Skippy’s runs and the weather.  I recall the last Dell run being very similar.
What a wet and weary day it was.  Skippy had loads of fun setting the trail at least twice due to the fierce downpours. (running out of lime near the end and resorting to ticks and scratches in the mud) Thankfully the rain eased as we gathered for the start and we set out in a light drizzle.

The run itself was very impressive, especially considering the rotten trail-laying weather.  I’m not sure if the pack was setting a cracking pace or if it just seemed that way because I was so cold.  Puddles abounded on the trail, which our Hash mutts seemed not to notice or care about.  Quite some tricky false trails had the front runners quickly becoming the tail end, and then back again several times.

Circle business was kept to a minimum due to the weather, with much hovering under umbrellas.  Some lovely leftover cake and a cheese platter was certainly welcome, thanks to Little Weed.

That’s about it.

On on
El keeno

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