The Camel Run

Hare: Pie-eyed
On On: Ryecroft Road, Glen Forrest

The Hare warned us this run might contain some humps, and indeed it did.  Flour was a little light to start and there was a fair bit of meandering at the start while we stumbled around rather lost.  Eventually, the trail was found (I’m not sure where or how, as I was off busy short-cutting in some other direction, but I managed to join back up with the back about 5 minutes in).  A bit of zig zagging was done on the southern side of Ryecroft Road and the real adventure began once we hit the superblock.  Cunningly, the trail jumped off the tracks and cut through the bush, coming out down towards the creek (stream/river?) and crossing it at the bottom of Tillbrook Street. From there we were faced with the imposing sight of Bilgoman Road (very much the largest hump!).  Quite a hesitant mob idled at the base of it, perhaps hoping the run would choose not to go in that particular steepish direction.  When met with no other choice…up we went.  No sooner had we reached the top, than we descended again, cheered on by some of the locals.

From there, it was rather a lively trot home. Overall, a very excellent run. As Effigy was heard to say: “A thinking man’s run.  Too bad Hash has no thinking men” (or thereabouts).  I must agree.  A thoroughly enjoyed run, well set.

Once again (I must happily say!) we were greeted with scrumptious yums at Home.  Scones! (pronounce “skohn” for you barbarians!  😉  ) And apple strudel thingy.  Also a side of corn chip and other bits…but I paid little attention to that when faced with cream covered delight (and my cream covered children). Anyway, I think you get the sense I liked them scones. Thanks to Pickup Chick for the treats (and anyone else…apologies if I failed to mention you).

Bloody Madonna–who was literally bloody–looked well deserving of the Lame Duck award.  (which he received, judging from the pics!)

Unfortunately, I missed the Circle, having to nick off, so perhaps someone might post the further happenings in the comments?

That’s it. No more to see here. On On.
El Keeno

3 Responses to “The Camel Run”

  1. Scarlett Runner Bean
    Scarlett Runner Bean September 4, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    Well, actually its pronounced ‘SKON” El Keeno. You probably say Yeow-gurt as well instead of YOG-URT. 🙂 Anyway i can report that the fabulous and indeed gorgeous (even in the cow hat) Monk introduced the ‘bucket of shame’ and that the GM had to wear it due to the fact that his shoes looked rather new. It can in fact just be seen in one of the pics above. We had namings for 2 young ladies…Lady Gaga and Piping Hot. Next time i am reincarnated i shall try and get a cool name like those! We had some fines, such as Downhill for forgetting his own name. The ‘cheerometer’ gave positive ratings for the run and the walk so Pie Eyed did well. I too have dreamed of those scones ever since…and i think Tickhead promised to extract the recipe from Pickup Chick. Oh and the Monk tried to pick on Skimpy again at Dark Horse’s request from the previous week, but he wasn’t there so he’ll never know…OR WILL HE???…possibly if he reads this…and nor was Dark Horse..OR WAS HE??? We managed not to upset GDOSH2 by singing and shouting too much this time, so perhaps she will come again soon! Huge Huge surprise was that Leapfrog …and others i can’t recall exactly who….managed to find treasure as usual (some broken glass or something haha….and lastly, Frodo had by far the neatest sign-on writing in the book, putting us all to shame.

  2. Pink Bits
    Pink Bits September 8, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    thank you SCR and I will add that them there ” skonz ” waz luvverly !!!! and that the pics of newly named Hashers were not fully there … where was Piping Hot..?…….. so maybe a re-shoot needed ! ? ( Its all about Lady Gaga… ! ) Lets get the 4 new ” namees ” in a group shot soon. !

    P B xxx

  3. Pink Bits
    Pink Bits September 8, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    OH AND…

    just a note for EFFIGY…



    ( Almost passed out on that one… )
    There will not be a pub open nearby..
    Scary stuff !!!

    P B : (