I’m melting I’m melting! Park Road Glen Forrest

No it wasn’t hot …it was raining!  So anyone who is a witch of course would have been melting – didn’t spot any, so thats probably good for all concerned.  El Keeno has set a beautiful run through the national park – lakes, streams, little paths.  The false trails worked a treat at keeping the pack together.  There was a little leading of the pack by the hare.  I was a bit slow in doing the write up so most of teh run has faded into obscurity in my mind…however the food afterwards has remained very clear! There was cake for Pink Bits birthday and Tickhead (booze-loaded mmm!)  also home made biccies from Hot Mama and liquorice allsorts to name but a few. The total number of calories used up in exercise by the runners and walkers was 20,000  and the food consumed added up to 33,000 even not counting beer.  So – thats about right for a hash run i think.  We also had some excellent awards in the circle including a water bottle for Frodo and a fabulous crown fashioned by DOSH for El Keeno 200 runs which i am sure he would have worn to work all week.

Thats it from me…time to set off for today’s run….

One Response to “I’m melting I’m melting! Park Road Glen Forrest”

  1. el_keeno
    el_keeno October 23, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Run of the year, I’d say. Almost certainly. Without a doubt. What a ripper. WIll be remember for years to come, and told to generations of orphaned children.