It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

On On: 29 Hubert Street, Darlington
Hare: P Merah

It was good thing I didn’t wear high heels on today’s run.  Given the area, there was a fair chance we’d encounter the odd hill or two.  Encounter is perhaps not the word for it.  “Traumatised by” is perhaps more apt.

We welcomed new runner Rick, and visitor C Logger in the opening circle.

Just getting up the driveway was sufficient for warning, and off we went. Runners started off downhill and headed into bush, with the bulk of the run following firebreaks. Gravel slopes were the theme of the day, and thankfully no one went bum up this time round (as I just recalled P. Merah’s mis-adventures on one other occasion in the district).  Front runners took turns finding the false trails, as tends to happen, and we finally came back to bitumen where the pace slowed for a while (while Scarlett RB, Passiona and I discussed the rules of “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”–as you sometimes do.)(And I’m still not sure how they go.)

Walkers returned with a manky pink slipper (at first I thought it was roadkill) and tales of intriguing flora.

Anyway, as usual highlight of the run was what followed, with hijinks for all in the circle and a brilliant nosh-up, laid out by the Hare himself, after.  It was one of those occasions where my mouth dearly wanted to go back for another helping, but my bulging stomach said otherwise. (I always picture one of those Monty Python “just one more bean” moments)

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On On
El Keeno

P.S. I forget now why I had the Simpsons inspired title. It was something to do with “What’s the time, Mr Wolf”…but now remains completely random.  Oh well.

One Response to “It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.”

  1. Scarlett Runner Bean
    Scarlett Runner Bean October 28, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    So, i think we did reach a quorum of 3 in deciding that ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf” could be incorporated into hash running (ok so i may be misinterpreting the alarmed stares of El Keeno and Passiona as i explained the rules as agreement). So the adapted rules are, the Hasher in front is “Mr Wolf”, and those behind try and run up closer (the aim being to Tag the Wolf) calling out ” Whats the time Mt Wolf??”. Mr Wolf randomly turns around and shouts a time of their choice eg “its 1 O Clock!” (digital precision to second not required). Eventually Mr Wolf will instead shout ” Its DINNERTIME” and then has the right to run at the pursuing hashers and tag them in which case they are ‘out’. and then the rest start all over again. Eventually either the Wolf or one Hasher wins…though really the Wolf has no excuse not to win and would need to take a hard look at themselves if they lost.
    ANYWAY, if anyone is not getting enough exercise on the runs/walks, i do recommend this as an entertaining addition to the day and will of course enhance the club image in much teh same way as dressing up in frocks or as fruit of the day. Enjoy…SRB