Wet wet wet

Hare: Scarlett Runnerbean
On On:  Noble Falls

No, this is not a report on an 80s pop group… but it was indeed wet.

A remarkably brave mob showed up for today’s run, considering the day’s weather.There was some costumery to be beheld, to the them of Halloween/Melbourne Cup (both…not either). Well done to those who made an effort and actually remembered it.

We started in the dry, but it didn’t last long. The trail was a tad washed out, but we could hone in on it by looking for the clusters of black millipedes that were chomping on the flour spots. The cold rain pelted down shortly into the run, drained my spirits and did nothing to soothe the chaffing happening between my thighs (due to too short shorts, but I won’t delve further into that).

Flour was actually easy to follow despite the rain and we did our merry little thing. There was a fair bit of walking on the homeward run, perhaps a sign of the dampened spirits. Catwalk and Dark Horse defied all reason and jumped in the stream at the end for a quick dip.

I don’t think walkers reported anything unusual or amazing on their outing.  No awards given out in the circle…a few fines and dobs for the usual suspects.

Yeh…about sums it up. No tick bites so far (touch wood)…they were probably all too busy being drenched in rain to notice us running by.

[Did anyone get the foot sign after the run?]

On On
El Keeno

2 Responses to “Wet wet wet”

  1. the_dripper
    dripper November 6, 2012 at 1:52 am #

    Pink bits picked up the foot, and I will obtain and get to GPS in some fashion. Everything will be fine, It’s written in the wind…

  2. Pink Bits
    Pink Bits November 12, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I pinked up the foot, then Dripper forgot it so I gave it to Little Weed who took it to give to Dripper, who then put it in a place that I never saw the following week and so … DID ANYONE PICK UP THE FOOT THE NEXT WEEK ?
    I am writing this in the past as there is no log in the present and I am confusing myself in the process as I want to write a special mention in the newest recentest log which isn’t here so I ll quietly log off now as the men in white ..No Wait..PINK coats come to escort me to a lovely PINK GIN NOOOO I mean Palace….OH DEAR !