Worst run ever

Hare: GPS
On On: Fish Market Reserve, Guildford

No, it was not the worst run ever, but there is nothing like making trouble to spark a bit of contention, is there?

Anyway, a slightly smaller crowd gathered today. After a minute’s silence (and I didn’t think hashers were capable of such until then) for Remembrance Day, GPS sent us on our respective merry ways.

Walkers did the opposite of runners, heading along the river towards the Guildford Road Bridge and doing a bit if a circuit around the township.

Runners headed due east and plodded the pavement around the Rose and Crown before scooting over the other side of the railway, heading along Helena Street, and then joining the Swan River and following it Home. (with a lot of unmentioned searching, running, puffing and shouting as they went)

The Hare must have been feeling generous today, because he made no comment in the circle about some obvious short cutting in the ranks…or perhaps he didn’t notice. Anyway, gains made by my own personal trail blazing were well and truly lost with some serious long-cutting towards the end. Zagged instead of zigged. Oh well.

Highlight of the circle was a name-giving to the runner now known as “Honey Bunny”. She’s obviously been paying close attention to how hashers throw back their drinks and did a brilliant job with her down-down.

Pink bits wore her strange hat.

So it was actually a good run and there is no worst about it. There. Contention over.

That’s it.
On On
El Keeno

One Response to “Worst run ever”

  1. DOSH
    DOSH November 15, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Thanks Pink Bits &GPS for the excellent naming of Hunnybunny! She is so happy she won’t let me call her anything other than her hash name, so now I have Hunnybunny and Annibunny at home:)