The Passiona of Christ

Hare: Passiona
On On: Forsythe’s Mill, Chidlow

Whether you like upright snottygobbles or spreading snottygobbles, today’s run was for you. We had both kinds.

It was rather a nice jaunt through the bush. Some of the trails were a bit overgrown, but enjoyable (the spiders had been busy rebuilding their webs across many of them, and I copped quite a few in the face), with a nice long downhill (followed by an not-nice long uphill). Checks were few and far-between…T’s were well spaced (well…they were spaced far away, if that counts). Runners returned home after about 32-ish minutes, so it was a bit shorter than recent runs, but still got the blood running (out of all the scratches in my legs).

Anyway, walkers managed to find their way home, which was an extra-achievement considering the Hare forget to tell them how to get back home (turn right at the double-checks).

The RA was supported by a horse in the circle, who was very particular about who he chose for down-downs.

Bit of a rush tonight…please fill in the blanks below!

On On
El Keeno

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