Joint run with Bush Hash

Hare: Skimpy & Free Beer
On On: Helena Valley Rd

A semi-run report from me, as I had to leave straight after run to meet Hot Mamma…so I can do the run bits if others will post bits about the circle and other such adventures.

It was great to have a large group, and Hills Hash was well outnumbered by the Bush Hash mob. Good to see them again after a fair while. Runners started east, bounding (falling, tripping, evading, cursing) over the first obstacle–it being a barbed-wire fence. The trail turned out to be quite elusive from this point, but we picked it up along the roadside and then dug into some of the new developments, bits of suburbia, parkland and riverside. There was some confusion on all sides at one point where the trail apparently crossed a small bridge and then did some weird things… I won’t go into detail, but 10 minutes or so and some cursing later, we’d backtracked and re-encountered the trail some distance from where we thought it ought to be.  All the while, the omnipotent presence of the Hare accompanied us on his bike…not helping much, but keeping us comforted with his proximity.

That about marked the turn for home, and we crossed Helena Valley Road, charged south, and then made the north-westy turn for home. The trail did a rather good job of hiding itself at that point and I think most runners (after wandering around scouring the shrub) turned for home and stumbled on the final remnants of the run just before Home.  All in all, a good run. A tad hot for me, but it’s a good reminder of what running at 3pm feels like. The beer afterwards sure went down well.

I didn’t hear much from the walkers and didn’t see if or what they brought back with them, so feel free to add more detail in the comments. I hope Bush Hash enjoyed the occasion.

On On
El Keeno


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  1. the_dripper
    dripper November 26, 2012 at 5:03 am #

    So the circle afterward, being a Bush Hash, as well as a Hills run, was a conflagration which made Ben Hur look quite tiny. Dripper (me) managed to distinguish himself early and wound up under the bucket of shame.

    Meanwhile the Bush Hash members stared agog at Scarlett Runner Bean, our illustrious (actually we think she is quite lustrious) monk, producing her usual array of wonderful “targeting” signs, exceptional hats and the run-o-meter, a truly independent and 21st century method of measuring the relative excellence of a given run.

    Panties, the Bush RA, took over and we were astounded at the breadth, and especially the length, of the circle. It was probably even longer than usual as Hills hash people are not used to being even slightly well behaved (in or out of a circle). The differences in the Hash down down lyrics were noted with some amusement.

    After the circle, a Barbie ensued, more beer, food and good company was enjoyed by all, and Skimpy/Skippy was the deserved recipient of much gratitude.

    All should be warned that I was given the Hat of power and the Bucket of Shame, as stand in RA, for next weeks run,

    On On,