Just another run report

On On: Greenmount Library
Hare: Dripper

There was something about the first half of today’s run that I just couldn’t figure out. It just felt…easy. Then I figured it out. It was down hill. The second half, where we ran back up the hill, brought me firmly back to reality.

Anyway, that is the setting for today’s run. I must admit I was expecting to see more of the the “Goat Hill” side of the hill, as we often do when running around that area, so it was good to get into some new territory, heading down past the truck crash gravel thingo (I know there is a name for that thing, but it escapes me at present) and making the turn for home at about the Bellevue RSL, then zig-zagging back up towards Scott Street through a good portion of Koongamia. The smell of Fish and Chips on the air signalled we were nearly home….and that, as they say, was that. A perfect run for the day, getting home just on 45 minutes, and with a cool breeze at the end to offset the warm change.

Treats for the day were a bag of jelly lollies and some home made gingerbread feet.

On On
El Keeno

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