A sculptured run

Hare: Mrs Wobbly
On On: Sculpture Park, Mundaring

Another great run by Mrs Wobbly, scoring an all-time high on the RA’s cheer-o-meter thing0 (five greens!). I must say, and I mentioned in the circle, if you want to find a trail set by Mrs Wobbly, you aim for home, turn 180 degrees and look in that direction. I was about 40 minutes into the run, tempted to check in the direction of home, and followed my own advice by checking where I would otherwise think the trail could not possibly go!  Lo and behold, it was there. I was just  getting used to this, and then I was nixed by the trail actually heading home. Well, I suppose it had to eventually.

So, as said, a good run, good length. Very interesting to run. My only complaint was the few drops of rain we received. That aspect could have been improved upon slightly (a nice, light, cooling shower would be perfect).

Things found on the run: a tick (as expected), a newspaper, a shirt…and something else I have now forgotten.

Special thinks to out special guests in the circle: the horde of march flies. Thanks, guys. Nice to have you there. Sorry for slapping dozens of you to death, but I’m sure there are plenty more of you. Buggers.

Don’t forget to check all the info about next week’s Xmas run.

On On,
El Keeno

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