Red Dress / Just Desserts

Hare: Passiona / Leapfrog
On On: Their place


Yes, the themes was red, and a very impressive number of Hashers went all-out and turned up in dress (or various states of undress). It was the annual Red Dress Run, also the Just Desserts run, also Leapfrog’s birthday run, also the unveiling of the phone box … so a lot of events in one.

First, the easy part: the run description. It was bloody hot and it was a good call by Passiona to keep the run short. Around we ran … no more comment than that. It was hot. We ran. We got back. All good.

Before that we unveiled the restored phone box. And quite majestic it was. Not sure if the phone actually works or not, but I might sneak around there midnight sometime when I need to make all my long distance calls and find out. Apparently a windmill is now required, so anyone with a spare windmill laying around that needs fixing up … perhaps contact Leapfrog.

Desserts followed the run, and many and varied desserts there were. I couldn’t go past the rocky road, as usual, but my young-uns were rather fond of the jelly.

Lots of photos were taken. If you have some, send them through to me and I will upload here. The pictures will tell more than my descriptions could ever attempt.

On On!
El Keeno.

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