Channel # 5

Hare: DOSH
On On: Pomeroy Street, Bickley

I felt close to exhaustion on this run. It felt like a million miles. I complained audibly about the heat, the length … the ants in my water … then the lack of ants in my water. Then I remembered that shot of vodka and can of Guinness I’d consumed just before setting out, and the penny dropped. So mental note to self: avoid vodka and Guinness before running. Always. (just one or the other should suffice)

So it was a warm but normal afternoon for a run. Runners were treated to drinks at about the halfway point. After, I saw a fox emerge nervously from the bush, disturbed by the pack of Hashers stampeding towards it (I named him “Foxy”). The rest of the run was typical Hash affair–lots of panting and wheezing and shuffling across gravel.

Pole Dancer received her 100 run cup and today marked Dripper’s 400th.

Find of the day was a single crutch, in pretty good condition. Now I think we just need another one to match it.

On On!
El Keeno

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