Giant flying mutated ants

Hare: Scarlet Runnerbean
On On: somewhere near Sawyers valley primary school

There weren’t actually very many giant flying mutated ants to be experienced on the run, but taking tabloid sensationalism into account, there might have been, somewhere out of view.

Anyway, after significant and extensive instruction to the walkers we bolted away. The first false trail was a doosey (what does that even mean???), and after a while we had to run back to the highway and start afresh, barely a cat’s whisker from the start. The run then entered the south-of-the-highway bushland and hugged the roadside westwards. We must have been nearly to Mundaring before crossing the tarmac and heading back on the opposite side. There was an abundance of false trails, and they got us all in turn…the buggers!

The circle was a bit of rush as everyone was eyeing off the hamburgers, ┬ádeliciously provided by Red Light. Made Muffin took the role of run-quality-discerner (totally ignoring our cheers and jeers), and (for some reason) Dripper wad made to don a wig. I think it was a reminder of the olden days. Speaking of the olden days, some of us were born in them, and Dripper provided a birthday cake to mark the event. It was unanimously declared as “yum”.

A manky cat was present, but did not participate in the circle (and did not sign on).

That’s all.
On On!
El Keeno.

P.S. Pink run clipboard and the green bag it goes into went MIA during the run. Anyone have them? (The money tin and sign-in book are fine…just the other bits are lost.)

3 Responses to “Giant flying mutated ants”

  1. the_dripper
    dripper January 22, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    And that’s the care you take with the pink clipboard I so lovingly filled (sob!). In other news the “manky cat” was repatriated to High Wycombe with Red Light. So if anyone would like a cute little cat, let her know. My quota of cats I don’t really want living with me is full,
    On On,

  2. el_keeno
    el_keeno January 22, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    yes, luckily I had just transferred all the filled-in data from the clipboard to the webpage earlier in the day…so no run info lost! good thing too.

  3. carpinteyrorcj March 21, 2013 at 2:19 am #

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