The unbearable lightness of being (a Hasher)

Hare: Dripper
On On: Mountain Quarry

Mountains are rather scare in these whereabouts, even quarried ones, but I must say it certainly felt like we found one today…

Surprise of the day was the dog formerly looking like Xena…sporting a new sleek look.

Quite a decent clot of runners made an appearance on what was quite a hot an uncomfortable day. The start of the run was rather devious, curling and twirling about, making it difficult to guess which way we were going to settle upon. The final direction turned out to be “up”.

The run made it up to Darlington Road and down to the tennis courts, with the On Home revealed on the gravel track back to Boya, signalling a long and hot end to the run.

Not to worry, as cold drinks quickly dispel such discomforts, and cakes, pastries and other goodies also help.

Special thanks to Sirius Black for taking a break from his busy Hogwarts schedule to make an appearance. Neigh!

On On
El Keeno

3 Responses to “The unbearable lightness of being (a Hasher)”

  1. the_dripper
    dripper January 27, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    And happy birthday to Scarlet Runner Bean. Dripper’s Orange cake recipe.
    Cut up a thin skinned orange into small pieces (you can tell it has a thin skin by telling it an Orange never made it with a hot woman. If it cries, it has a thin skin). Put the bits in the blender and blend ’til it’s all chopped up into little bits. Get a 250gram thing of unsalted butter and melt it. You slice it up and put it over a low heat. Don’t boil it or burn it. Sift 2 cups of self raising flour. Now put the flour in the blender with the orange. Pour in the butter, chuck in two cups of castor sugar and four eggs. Okay smart-arse, take out the eggs (don’t laugh at him boys he isn’t funny) crack the eggs first.
    Right now blend the shit (it’s a hash word kids, not a school word or a grand parents word okay?) out of the mixture ’til it’s nice and smooth OR your blenders motor is making that interesting smell.
    Put it in a cake tin and place into an oven pre heated to 180 deg C (yes, well you should have read the whole thing before you started). It takes about an hour (no you can’t just put it in when you turn the oven on and just hope, you’ll have to wait). Poke a knife in and when it comes out clean, you’re done (oh, for pities sake, IN THE CAKE! Get a band aid).

  2. Tickhead January 29, 2013 at 10:56 am #


    I have told several oranges, lemons and even grape fruit that they will never make it with a hot woman and they didn’t cry even though when I cut into them they had thin skin.

    I then tried it with an onion and when I cut into it I cried! What do you think it means?

  3. the_dripper
    dripper February 2, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    I think the onion might be making out with hot women. It might also be that the orange had a slightly thick skin. Lemons generally don’t have thin skins and, for the most part grape fruits aren’t put off by cruelty as they are convinced that size IS important.