Morgan J Morgan was reserved, but I sat on him anyway

On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest
Hare: GPS

Another bloody hot day (I seem to be saying this too much, these days), another hot run. Flour was sparse, but tall. Steep hills and the weather spread out the pack. We did a bit of a meander around the district, heading up every rotten hill within range. The run was about perfect length for the day, in that it goes us back home in about 35 mins.  Courageous runners ran the full distance. Less valiant runners span tales about alternate routes.  Pffft.

Curbside pickup was a “cleavage frog”.

Disappointment of the day was lack of a Sash of Shame. Many heads hung low at this.

Tick score: 1 for Hot Mama (just  a little pepper tick, but enough to get her hopping).

On On
El Keeno


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