… and then there were none.

Hare: Dripper
On On: Victor Rd, Darlington

It felt like a B-grade movie.  There we were, a bunch of all-sorts from all walks of life, desperately finding our way through a hostile environment, and when we looked behind … one of us was missing.  Another quickly disappeared.  Then our faithful hound and protector, Chimbi, vanished as if made of smoke (albeit, smoke that is galloping away and barking).  Who would be next?

Well, turns out Madonna and GPS were safe and well, wandering around on their lonesome a fair way behind the pack, and Chimbi turned up at home later on.  But apart from losing two runners and a dog, the Hare did a fine job of keeping the rest together.  Numerous and devious false trails ensured the front runner became the back runner, and back  again throughout.  Even young Frodo enjoyed a short stint at the head of the pack, although I’m not sure if he’s summoned up the courage to holler “On On!” as yet.

Walkers were forewarned that the track resembled a figure 8, and not to get caught in an infinite loop.  Forewarned being forearmed, they managed to return safely, and at the same time as the runners.

Find of the day was a shoe graveyard (beware ye who enter the shoe graveyard in unsightly footware!) and an abandoned house design on a chock of wood. (It goes without saying that Darlington has better curbside goodies than most neighbouring suburbs.)

Hash Nosh was Shepherd’s Pie with carrots, broccoli and peas on the side, followed by apple rhubarb crumble.

Sexy stockings of the day award went to Dripper.

This was one of the those days where so much happened I probably needed to take notes…

Anyway, That’s all my brain can recall.
On On,
El Keeno.

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