Hare: El Keeno
On On: Moola Rd, Glem Forrest

Yes, there were dogs aplenty.  More dogs than you could shake a stick at (and not have it wrenched out of your hand by one or more furry animals).

Due to some areas of bush deciding to burn down and the allocated Hare deciding to hinder that effort, I was last-minute Hare replacement.  Runners and walkers were forewarned about the gravel and gradient (although my first choice was some really nasty paths right at the end of the street!)

Runners ambled south, almost to the far end of Moola Road before climbing back up along the ridge overlooking Hardey Road and then playing catch-up with the walkers.  Here, the descent began, lurching around a bit before yet another steep climb beside Avalon Winery.  I thought runners might not be done by then, so we enjoyed a bit of a meander in the bush between Bailey Road and Moola Road, breaking out just beside Home.

Total time was around the 1 hr mark, about the same as the first of the walkers…with tail-enders continuing in for some time.

Vast supplies of cake (and the usual supply of booze) certainly helped to allay some of the soreness and ease some of the gravel from the wounds.

Presentations for the day included a new clipboard for me (hooray!) and a down-down tray handcrafted by Tickhead (double-hooray!).
There was a naming for Michael, however apart from something to do with a dog and some kind of noise, I can’t recall anything further than that.  (Yes, I conceded defeat in the memory department a long time ago.)

Maybe more happened.
On On
El Keeno

One Response to “Crufts”

  1. Pink Bits March 8, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    Just to remind one and all …. Michael ( new walker ) was named *** Snorting Foghorn *** for reasons best left to him to explain ! It was a good run/walk and had its fair share of cleverly placed obstacles… could future Hares please clear the path as well as set the runs. Thanx !!!
    P B