Where horses dare

Hare: Redlight, Red Dwarf, Red Knight, and helper (sorry! forgot her name)
On On: Dampiera Ct, Forrestfield  (or, as it is sometimes known: “the place where the horse always does a wee”)

There was little forewarning as to what was in store, apart from mention of a lack of checks and false trails–but we hear that every week, so it was taken with some suspicion.  But, lo, it turned out to be true, and we set out on a 10.25 km  trek of the highlands of Perth. (Actually, there were some nice houses along the ways, and some bloody nice vistas of Perth, if you’re into that kind of thing–which I sometimes am.)

I am always amazed at the agility of horses.  Yes, they have four legs, but they are rather skinny and the horse is way up there on top of them.  I’d almost expect the poor animal to get dizzy from the view.  So it was a surprise to me to see Redlight’s beast scale those treacherous inclines, and (presumably, as I didn’t see it) descend the equally-dangerous downward slopes.  I’m talking bloody steep…as in on-all-fours steep ups, and slide-on-my-bum steep downs.  But anyway, maybe I’m just a wuss, and the horse is a better man than I (yes, there are all kinds of wrong in that sentence, but I stand by my words!).

Anyways…so run was good, long, steep, and ended at the eski–as all runs should.  So full points there.

Walkers were led on a bit of a goosechase at the start, but made it back in more-or-less the same state they left, so more gold stars there.

In the circle, we witnessed he presentation of the Sash of Shame, in all its sparkly glory.  Pinkbits had the dubious honour of being its first recipient … and look shamed she did. (She even did a “lap of shame” to rub it in to herself.) (I once knew a Santa who had a lap of shame, but that’s another story.)

Ok, I’m over my word quota for the week, so I’ll shut up now.
Until next week.
On On!

One Response to “Where horses dare”

  1. Pink Bits March 16, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Yes I was shamed BUT JUST YOU ( whoever you are ) WAIT TILL THE MONK GETS BACK !!! There wiill be things to pay !!! and Down Downs ! and all sorts of unspeakable stuff to do !!! So there…..
    Pink Bits (walking of in a huff !!! )