The pizza run

Hare: Madonna/Ripper
On On: Hills Forest Carpark, Mundaring Weir

Walkers were treated to a choice of longer or short walks (I believe most took the shorter) and historical items, such as old geological markers on the trees, were also pointed out in flour.

Runners had a meandering and quite scenic route through the forest.  There was quite a few steep hills hidden in those trees, and flour laying could perhaps be described as “novel” in places (I believe the letters were there to highlight items of interest along the way), but it was a solid run, coming in at about 6.5 kms, according to the hand GPS device secreted upon my person.

Madonna did have rather a nasty spill on the day, but word is so far he is recovering well.  I’ll leave it to him to give a blow by blow description upon his return.

On On,
El Keeno

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