The power of one

Hare: our most esteemed El Keeno
On On: Bentley St, Stoneville.

Here is the biased assessment of my run:
Walkers: walked around on the perfectly flat, perfectly marked walk of exactly the right length. They saw things, they experienced wonder (verging on nirvana).  It was all bloody good.
Runners: as above, only better.

I must admit that today’s run was a sadistic Hare’s dream come true.  Just about every runner took a turn down a false trail, most more than once. So I probably had a smug look on my face for most of the time. Surprise encounter of the day was long time Hasher, Two Stroke, jumping out from what I assume was his house.  Always good to see a familiar face. (Although I did complain that he hadn’t readied a nice BBQ and drinks for us.) The run itself did  a bit of a spiral shape from Norris park, taking advantage of the many pedestrian thoroughfares in the area (I think we did nearly all of them), ending up with  a long return down Riley Road.

Fines in circle included a first down down for Maurice, one for me for leaning, and then something about boobs and bums…I’d lost track by that point, busy leaning as I was.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno.

One Response to “The power of one”

  1. Pink Bits March 26, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Whoa ! ! El Keeno…. that was a great write up.. must have been a fabulous run…. WHO WAS THAT PERSON WHO WROTE A COMMENT BEFORE ME ?????