The Bunny Run

On On: Parkerville Primary
Hare: Effigy/Mrs Wobbly

A beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon with only a handful of hashers the run was from Parkerville primary school set by Effigy. I have unofficially been told that Effigy sets very long runs though all four runners including effigy looked like they enjoyed it (they were some what late in returning – maybe there is some truth to the rumour after all). The walk was through some beautiful bush with some amazing old trees. After the run / walk those that were there enjoyed Easter chocolate (yes, several bunnies were slaughtered and eaten by all), bickies, cheeses and beautiful hummus dip Thanks Red Night and Mrs Wobbly. Best dressed Bunnies went to Lady GAGA and Piping Hot( no surprises there!!) I was given a down down for some unlady like language on a previous run (apologies to everyone except the crank caller)  and I think everybody will be relieved to hear that this time I didn’t choke!! the next run starts at 4pm at Victor Road power station, Darlington

Pickup Chick


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