Back at the shoe graveyard…

Hare: P Merah
On On: Victor Rd Power Station, Darlington

There are two ways to go from Victor Rd power station.  One way leads to sheer, treacherous hills, where every footfall could result in a tumbling calamity, a twisted ankle, or broken bumbone.  The other way … is worse.

And today we went the other way. Well, walkers went northwards and did whatever they do (I tend not to pay attention in the circle), but they didn’t bring back any treats or pickups that caught my attention, so I’ll assume it was dull! (Not to say that pickups weren’t picked up, but they cam after the walk…more later)

Runners went forebodingly south. The climb down into the gully was pretty death-defying, and all the while my hashers-intuition told me what was coming.  Our greatest fear.  That two lettered demon. UP!

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. We run around towards the loggerhead dam or whatever it is called, then started winding up towards the top of Glen Road. I lost track of the pack at some stage, and came out somewhat disoriented and confused, somehow in front of everyone and not full of prickles…so I was quite pleased about that. From there, it was an elementary jog (except for those bloody stones that always nearly twist my ankles) down the hill and up onto Victor Road and home. It was a shortish run, especially by P Merah standards, but it was a perfect length for the unseasonably hot weather (and our first 4pm run).

So…all good.

As I hinted at, walkers sighted some roadside pickup and came back with a mood heart thing…and a stool. Mozzies were eating me alive during the circle (and not in a good way) so I was paying attention less than ever. It was something like “Hashers hashing blah blah…Dryandra…down down…Hash.”

But seriously, we’re off to Dryanda next week, so see all the info on the front page about that.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno

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