Hash Away – the report [updated again with photos!]

Where: Dryandra
Hare: Leapfrog/Passiona

Just the bare run report first:
The flour was laid during the rain of the prior day, so there was some speculation that  it might have been washed away or possibly even devoured by local marsupials, leaving only their droppings as thanks for a free meal. Turns out, the trail was fine, and we started across a bit of open space behind our chalets. There we met one of the local walking trails. We did meet a perplexing arrow pointing a hard left from the trail into the bush, and we very sensibly waited for the hare to catch up and confirm/deny if we should follow such directions. Luckily, we did not, for said arrow was actually indicating a point of natural interest, that being a tree. You might think one tree amongst many in a woodland would not stick out, and you might be right, but ther was something very special about this tree. It looked like a cat had scratched it. Maybe there was something even more special than that, but when I’m running my brain doesn’t have a lot of oxygen to spare for absorbing useful trivia…so I pushed on.

The next arrow we came to (also pointing directly left) was far more entertaining, as Passiona saw fit to throw himself on the ground for our viewing pleasure. Thankfully, he was not too worse for ware, and then pointed out a tiny shrub that was our spectacle of the moment.  I did come to one more arrow during the run, but I was alone at that point, and a quick inspection told me it was some sort of novelty toilet-resembling stump? Not sure.

We came home after about 30 mins, so a run of just the right length for the context (of being in the morning, of being after a night of grog).

So the bush trails of Dryandra were a nice and scenic spot for the run. We didn’t spot any critters, but someone did find the tail of some small, deceased beasty, so that was near enough.

On On
El Keeno

Here are some of the impromptu workshops we enjoyed:

  • Pinkbits: How to deliver a humorous story 101
  • Dripper: The woodcutter’s guide to self-rhinoplasty.
  • Just Fig (Dosh’s Sig other): Introduction to  just getting beer and petrol in 10 minutes
  • Hot mamma and Mad Muffin: 10 ways to remove the skin from your tongue using chilli, and other home-based remedies for being comfortable.
  • Passiona: The fundamentals of gravity (and how to resist tripping over anthills)
  • El Keeno: 6 bloody times!
  • Tickhead: What he did in the night–a guide to El Keeno’s bladder function.
  • Little Weed: A scenic guide of Perth to Dryandra, via Kwinana.

I forget much of what else went on….comment away! And please send me some photos to upload.

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