DOSH’s pride mammalian run (now I’m just confused)

Hare: Dripper
On On: top of the zig zag.

I was confused by a lot of what was said by various personages before the run (as indicated by the title), but I did know one thing…the ghost of Dosh’s scarp-based half-marathon still lingers in these hills. It’s almost like our pipeline runs, where year by year we hope to trek over just a portion of that epic length.

Anyway, enough guff. Two runners and a hare ventured forth. Dripper teased us like worms on a hook, sometimes letting us wander astray to discover false trails on our own, other times mercifully reeling us back in and pointing (or at least hinting) the way. We managed to get down to the pipe-head, logger-head, turtle-head dam (choose one only….I forget) and rounded back along Helena Valley Road. The bloody rocks on some of those hills are unforgiving, and we did take our good time on a portion, ensuring our ankles, knees and other bits remained intact. We came over just over an hour mark or thereabouts.

Walkers returned home just before and after us…the circle included cakes for Lady Gaga’s birthday and some left-over spongey cake thing from me. Being Hash Nosh, pea and ham soup awaited at another venue, but I cannot comment on that as I had to rush home to help Hot Mamma mind the kids.

All good.
On On
El Keeno

One Response to “DOSH’s pride mammalian run (now I’m just confused)”

  1. Pink Bits April 28, 2013 at 4:03 am #

    It5 was ” MEMORABLE” you nit ! Mammalian !!! What the…………..!