Bloody legs!

Hare: Red Light/Victoria
On On: Dampiera Court, Maida Vale

Yes, we were warned the going was rough, both verbally and by evidence of the blood running down Vicky’s legs. True to her word, runners were soon pushing thigh-deep through the best scratchy bushes the scarp has to offer. Flour was perhaps a but lighter than it could have been, but for the most part we found our way (except where we didn’t, and just made it up as we went along…but this is Hash, and making stuff up is what we do best). We headed up to the top roads that overlook the city, and then went down again into the next valley. ¬†From there, we hit the On Home…miles from anywhere…nowhere near home. From that, we took the hint that we turn around and make our way all the way back…which we did. Sadly, I missed the eagle’s nest that was above our heads at the time. Maybe next time. I’d like to see one (anyone have pics?) and maybe climb up and caress a baby one. I’m sure they’d like it.

Walkers walked. I saw them heading along the main road, but not sure where they went after that. Ya buggers.

Circle highlights: ah…forget. Cake and bikkies and dip. (especially the cake…my throat remembers that dry, coarse treat fondly)

Go back and check the Hashaway report…I’ve added photos in there.

On On!
El Keeno.

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