The Silence of the Hounds

On On: Jane Brook
Hare: Tickhead, Pickup Chick and family

Hills Hash likes to move with the times. In fact, sometimes we move IN FRONT of the times. This run started from a place so new, not even google knew about it. …like walking off the edge of the universe.

Anyway, after having semi-recovered from a bout of gastro (if anyone else catches it, it wasn’t from me!) I bolted after the pack beside a late Dosh. Flour (and chalk) was heavy, checks were sparse, so the pack (of three) set a fast pace. We clambered to the top of National Park Road and followed it down to Mussel Pool (do they still call it that?) and from there parallel back along Pechey Road via the bush track. Roos were plenty and the grass was starting to green, so there were some picturesque spots along the way. Running along the creek bed was a nice touch…a part of that area I’ve never tread. Views of the city from the higher points were also pretty choice (to channel my inner kiwi).

We came home at just over an hour, reaching home alongside the walkers for a well-timed end. (All except Hoover, who liked the run so much he stayed out until a chauffeur cold be sent for him).

All in all, a decent virgin run.

On On
El Keeno

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