What a rubbish run!

Hare: Leapfrog (kind of)
On On: Sculpture Park, Mundaring (kind of)

Today was the annual/occasional clean up of Mundaring Weir Road. We assembled in our teams and headed out to the direction of our task-mistress, aka Leapfrog. Gloves on hands, we diligently collected all the refuse and rubbish found along the wayside. My particular little group was thanked by a passing motorist (thank you back) and we returned to base last of all, just as dark had settled, glad to see the beer was out and the bbq well tended.

A generous dinner of snags and hamburgers, with onions and mushrooms, followed. Desserts and hot drinks (milo=yum) helped warm the chilled bones.

Lots of interesting articles and curbside goodies were displayed in the circle, including transformer thongs, kids toys, porn (the internet must be full and now it’s bursting out all over the ground), a windsurfer component, gloves, hats…and much more.

Other stuff happened, but that’s all I remember.

On On
El Keeno

Special price from Leapfrog for guessing the number of bags:

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