Not one tomato in sight

Hares: Uphill/Downhill
On On: Tomato Lake, Kewdale

Yes, if one was wanting to see many red fruits (them being tomatoes) at the Tomato Lake, one would have been severely disappointed…and one was.

A small troop of three runners started off, and somehow the ghostly Hare was always only one step behind us…almost mockingly. I felt very mockable by the end, as I was thoroughly stuffed and had to walk the last k or so. Anyway, the run was quite a thorough tour of the local streets. I felt prematurely glad when we returned to Tomato Lake, as I had no idea was was in fact as large as it was…and it took a further 5 minutes to reach Home, as opposed to the further 5 seconds I had been hoping for. Oh well. I got there in the end.

Someone told me not to forget something, and to remember to ¬†mention it… Oh yes! Pickup Chick won the “guess the number of rubbish bags” competition, with a guess of 185 if I am not mistaken.

That’s it.
On On
El Keeno

2 Responses to “Not one tomato in sight”

  1. tickhead May 28, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    Piping Hot is an inspiration after falling over backwards before the hash walk and hurting her wrist and not getting to upset she then went on to complete two laps of the lake. Consequently piping hot has a green stick fracture in her wrist and has to wear a cast for ten days thankfully this will not impact her attendance to hash and just goes to show that even if she was wearing a helmet and knee/elbow pads they wouldn’t have done anything to prevent the injury !!

  2. Pink Bits June 1, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

    Is a green stick fracture a twig in your pocket ??? A branch maybe that you broke ??? Sounds very woosy whoosy or even wussy !!!
    Just kidding Piping Hot…WELL DONE… Think Lady GAGA VERY WOOOOOOSSSSYY as she missed the whole walk !!!