running through snow

Hare: el Keeno
On On: Wandeara Crescent. Mundaring

Well, I was Hare for the day, and I started runners off for a bit of a loop around the hem of Mundaring. Hitting the bridle path, we rejoined the walkers and started into the Weir-side bush. Here, we passes the most spectacular and death-defying treehouse in living memory (so high, I’d passed it numerous times and never thought to crane my head back so far to see it). We reached Mdg Weir Rd and followed that for a bit before breaking left across bush (walkers continued straight for a bit, before looping around to meet us) and heading up Darkan Rd towards Home. Here, trails diverged, as some runners got the whiff of Home and headed for it (it was getting  a bit long by then, so  they were probably the clever ones) and the rest of us dug back into the bush towards the Sawyers Valley side, and then up to the Mundaring Trade Centre, around it and home.

But, yes, it was cold, and at times I felt like I was running through snow, or sleet or something colder than we have here. (and which I can only imagine, as I haven’t experienced it, but can guess as being plausible)

Ah…goodies were few. A surrender flag? And a large mushroom, which I got in trouble for forgetting to show my step-sister. (I didn’t eat it.)
I was given a down-down for failing to impress with my run. But I blame the French.
Also, welcome to new runner, Chris!

On On,
El Keeno

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