pinky VS the tick

Hare: GPS
On On: his place

I was flabbergasted (my gasts were TOTALLY flabbered) to receive TWO run reviews for last weeks run. I should miss runs more often.

One is from Pinkbits, the other from Tickhead, so I’ve decided to post them both, and let YOU the reader decided which one should take home the title of Celebrity Scribe for a Day!

Contender One: PINKBITS

It was very dark and ominous as everyone ( 12 peeps in all ) arrived at GPS s house in Canning Vale. It got darker and as the heavens opened up we wandered around the carport. It was flooding fast too and as splash hadn’t arrived by 4.10 we thought best to wait. Someone put a few W s and R s in the carport and also an O as in check..seemed like a good place to check. As splash arrived, we toyed with just having a BBQ but then it went just drizzly for a minute so we set off. ON ON and the heavens opened up again. Only a few walkers started off ie. 2 Leapfrog and Pink Bits but runners all dashed about getting SOAKED to the skin. Other walkers eventually set of after it stopped raining.
In all honesty, this could have been a washout but we all made it and as dedicated and stalwart Hashers we congratulated ourselves in the circle. Dripper as stand in Monk fined a few people for minor misdemenors but we just wanted to eat… BBQ proceeded and everyone had a good time. One very noteworthy comment of the run was …” We need to have parents ” This was a reference to the Tickhead family being prepared and bringing DRY spare clothes  !!!

Cheers and edit to hearts content  The words  SOAKING WET & DERENCHED should feature often.

The judge’s take: well, it started off bad, became awful, and ended atrociously. I like the bit about the unicorn…at least I WOULD IF IT HAD ONE. So next time, more unicorns please. 

INTERLUDE: Here, visually imagine a card girl entering our virtual ring, parading around as she displays a large, crudely drawn “Round 2” sign. Said card girl should have a limp, and a wooden thumb. Perhaps an endearing speech impediment, or a lisp. She should comedically become entangled in the ropes as she departs the ring, and she should run from the room in tears, only to be smothered in hugs by a tribe of midgets that raised her in the wild. In the end, she feels excited for facing her fears of being a Card Girl. She’s done it, and there’s no holding her back now. She raises her wooden thumb to the room and says “I’m gonna be all right.”

Contender Two: TICKHEAD

It rained, and it rained and it rained and it …. stopped!

After setting the trail on Friday and having to remark it again on Saturday and then today, GPS was looking forward to showing off the beauty of his neighbourhood. We gathered under his pergola as the rains came belting in and the flood waters steadily rose. You couldn’t see more than a meter into the rain but we knew if it kept coming we would have to call the SES flood boat to get us out! The rain finally became a steady drizzle and the circle was called and then the runners set off. The walkers slowly contemplated their wet surrounds while donning drizabones, umbrellas and any other item that might keep them dry. Not to be out done by the runners we edged our way into the drizzle and slowly swam down the road. Not sure what happened then but we somehow splinted off into two groups and it became wetter and wetter and then the trail was gone (I think it was a couple of foot under water). We found our way back by following the smell from the bakery (best smelling run yet!!!) and found wet runners and soaked walkers either changing cloths or drying off and then …..  the rain stopped! Bloody typical.

Congratulations to Piping Hot on her 50th run (received a plate and foot) and thanks too Leapfrog for the lovely Rocky Road.

Until next time, On On!

The judge’s take: well, a solid start for including a title. I’m scanning the text rather rapidly while I drink this beer, and I can’t see any insults directed at my person. However, I do note the mention of me missing out on Rocky Road, so for that depressing piece of information I have to subtract all marks gained so far..

So, I’m going to have to call it a tie, and leave it to the two wannabe-scribes to duke it out next week in the circle of death.

On On,
El Keeno

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