Christmas in July in June

Hare: Tickhead
On On: their place, Swan View

The run started late, but it didn’t much matter as runners came home within about 15 minutes, having arsed everything up entirely. I went out to complete the trail, but had a bit of trouble on my own, so ended up following the walkers home after maybe having completed half the run once (and a few bits of the run several times over).

The circle was a rambling mess, even more than usual. I received the Sash of Shame and the Bucket of Shame(?) for simply existing. The humanity!!! All hope is now set towards us soon having a Sack of Shame, to complete the set.

Tickhead and Pickup Chick each received cups for their 50th run.

DINNER: well, yes, the whole point of the day was fundraising for Tickhead’s Oxfam walk, so we then sat down for our 3 three course meal. Pumpkin Soup and garlic bread for starters, meatballs and spag for mains (grilled cheese on top!) and a whole tableload of deserts to follow. I am pretty sure everyone was crapulent by the end.

And to summarise the other bits that remain in memory: smoky fire, naughty-bits statue, dog eating baby’s food (wobbly lip follows), unfinished joke, red fire truck … SKIMPY!

Until next time, ON ON,
El Keeno

One Response to “Christmas in July in June”

  1. Pink Bits June 25, 2013 at 12:35 pm #

    El Keeno Is the word ” CRAPULENT ” consistent with awful or good ? Maybe ” CORPULENT ” meaning FAT or some such other word. !!! I;m not even sure if either word is REAL ? Do you play Scrabble ? Ho hum…I am going to complain to GPS our revered GM and say I was upset as to the behaviour of the group on Sunday…I think I lost all control ! ! ! No one listened to me and the whole thing was a SHEMOZZLE ! I think thats a word but not sure either ?
    P l e a s e bring the trophy you have on Sunday ! Who else has one ?????
    ON ON