Oh What a Lovely Firefighter !!!

Hare: Dripper
On On: Zy..Zan..that nursery  in Maida Vale

The Hare was Redlight but she wasn’t available to set the run so Dripper did it ! I’m not sure what happened but the runners ran about and around somewhere with or without trail and the walkers followed flour and W’s and got back WELL before the runners.( Dripper did say it was a looooooooooong run !)  At the circle it was the usual suspects being fined or getting down downs and of course the birthday peoples being congratulated !!!!

It was a good turn out but only a paltry number of Hashers dressed up ! The theme was ” Firefighters ” and those who did dress up put on a fine show particularily the Tickhead family of course !      Photos to follow.
The stars of the day were Redknight and Redlight with Redknight resplendent in an IRON MAN outfit. Well it was red anyway !!!

– Pink Bits

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