AGM Report Roundup

Date: 20 July 2013
Venue: Cafe Mueller, Midland

It was a very business like affair. We got straight to business, with very little messing around.

2013-2014 positions:
(In order of me remembering them)

Grand Master: GPS
Vice: Dripper
On Sec: Pink Bits
Hash Nosh: Red Light
Hash Cash/Historian/Flash and more: Leap Frog
Hash Horn: Passiona
Hash Hacker: El Keeno
Hash Mash: I forget…whoever has bandaids at the time.
Any more?
OH! The Monk (Religious Advisor): Tickhead

Awards: (Again, from memory)
Hare of the Year: Dripper
Hound of the Year: El Keeno
Run of the Year: Madonna
Horn’s Award (or whatever it’s called): Tickhead/PickupChick Family
umm…any more?

Special…And a special new award was created: someone might have to correct me on this: “Madonna’s Special Falling Down Award” (or something to that effect)
It was a nice red brassiere, the idea being if one fall’s over, one’s fall is cushion by the cushions, so to speak.

Ah…what else. We have soup, food and dessert. A few drinks were had, but we were utterly well behaved. There was some talk of blowing off, but I cast that from my mind.

Yep….add more below if ye dare:

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