A camel run

On On: Mills Road, Glen Forrest
Hare: Pie Eyed

Theme was camels, in memory of another Pie Eyed run where we descended a “magic carpet” (long story). Some came with tiny camels, some came with camel-related signs affixed to their persons … some came with bones from camels now deceased, but the camel theme was strong (there were even camel shaped treats after the run!)

So: rather strangely we had to climb over a fence to begin, but the experience was enjoyed. For the runners, the large amount  “downness”was a sign of things to come. False trails were aplenty, and so we made it to the pipeline on the Helena River(?) there and came back up, almost requiring those spiky clamp-on shoe things that climbers wear when they climb steep things…
Oh! I nearly forget the 3 K’s I spotted during the run, which highlighted local features of interest. Being vague as I am, I can’t remember what those things were, but I did spot some rocks!

We made it back Home, some sooner than others. Yowie being one who made it back soonest. GPS not quite so soon. (And to my embarrassment I went out to find him, only to get myself lost…but made it back in time for the circle)

So, a good time was had by all.

On On
El Keeno

One Response to “A camel run”

  1. PieEyed July 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    The Fence!
    The fence was there I surely knew
    but reason in the bush was vague
    the owner, dog and reprimand
    soon saw the pack on solid ground
    Not meaning for the ere in ways
    the pristine repute of the HHHH
    may stay intact for hevermore!
    PieEyed alias Private Property