Goodbye, Helena (Tavern)

On On: Mount Helena
Hare: SRB

We welcomed three new walkers and then set off along the forewarned awful beginning of the run. Actually, it was a rather normal beginning, being perhaps only awful in comparison to the awesome remainder of the run. The trail was tricky (tricksy, for all you LOTR fans) and interesting. Front runners were caught up a few times heading the wrong way, with last become first, and first become last–several times (which is what Hash is all about, I suppose). The only downside to the run  was that we did pass an alpaca (woeful beasts indeed). Runners caught the walkers in the final 100m or so of the run, with a quick sprint Home for some, followed by a healthy bout of floppy-limbs.

Vicky had the honour of donning the Madonna Award for the run (the nice red bra). And Madonna received it for next time for allegedly spilling some blood.

Hashers went off to the Mount Helena Tavern for a meal after, as the pub is soon shutting its doors. I didn’t go, so I have no idea what happened there, although I bet it was good.

On On
El Keeno

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