Glen Forrest Run

Hare: Dripper
On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

Yes, as the title suggest, my imagination has run dry. Thankfully, you get a blow by blow description of the run, rather than my usual verbal diarah … direah … dribble.

The Hare’s description of events leading up to setting the run was worth the ticket price alone, but the run still ticked all the right boxes. We had a bit of a jaunt around Glen Forrest, zigging left and going east when I thought we might have been zigging right and heading down towards the bridle trail…so a few unexpected twists. We came home after about 36 mins, so short by some standards, but perfect by mine.

Walkers had very little of interest to report during the circle. I think they might have dozed off a bit. (or was it me?)

I snuck off early, but others stayed behind for the BBQ. Who knows what adventures were had? Certainly not I!

Ah…That’s all I’ve got.

Until next time.
On On
El Keeno.

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