Swan View

Hare: Tickhead/Pickup Chick
On On: Their place, Swan View

It was a fairly straightforward run. Then we got to halfway, turned around and ran straight forward again (*drum hit!). Lame joke aside, it was just what I needed for a lazy Sunday where my arteries were feeling especially clogged. Flour was heavy and hard to miss…maybe could have been spaced out a bit more from checks, but certainly no one got lost. The circle was the usual haze of confusion and mind-numbing pain (in a good way). We were even entertained by some singing of the Hills Hash song.

There were no curbside pickups that I recall, but there was an interesting deposit on the laneway by the railway tracks, including a full drumkit (well past its prime) and a whole pile of miscellaneous matter.

On On
El Keeno

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