A run with Heart!-field park (terrible, I know)

On On: Hartfield Park, Forrestfield
Hares: Pink Bits, GPS

Twas the loveliest run I’d done all the day,
We wounded and woved in wonderful ways,
Round a lake, across sand, down a street, past a duck,
Then the trail disappeared, like the Hare gave a —

And we’ll leave it there.
Yes, we started with some nice paths in parkland, but the run quickly digressed into a nasty urban environment. No, I kid you…I was quite surprised by the little strips of creeks and park in that area. Trail was tricky in spots and a fairly decent length. I don’t think we did get an explanation for the missing several hundred metres of flour near the end of the run, but I suppose we made it home with all limbs intact, so we can’t complain.

That’s it. You got a poem. Don’t push it!
On On,
El Keeno


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