Pea and Ham

On On: MJ Morgan. Glen Forrest.
Hare: Pink Bits

Hashers are a stout lot, but today’s runs started with a rather hazardous water crossing that had the runners nervous. No one likes wet socks at the start of a run!

It was a great run through some surprising and interesting spots I’d never seen before. Only 3 runners, but we were kept together for most of the run by some devious Ts. After curling around a bit, we were led down to the bridle trail and directed on a long On Home back to MJ Morgan Reserve. Wildflowers abound. I’m told the Tiger Snakes are also out in force, but thankfully not in this area…or perhaps we were lucky enough not to step on any.

Anyway, sorry I had to nip off early. Place events form the circle and feedback of soup below!
On On
El Keeno

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