The flat run

On On: Greenmount
Hare: El Keeno


Hare, El Keeno Welcomed us all to his run with an unlikely blurb about “no hills, water crossings and mud”. The water crossings and mud were right, but the run had nothing flat about it. Initially heading down, before heading up to about the highest point on the scarp. Rather than use perfectly good tracks, he chose to blaze his own through the scratchy scrub. The “Hash Halt” in the middle of nowhere was somewhat disappointing, as there was no beer and not even a good view:(

The walkers, however, were treated to a close encounter with a rather large kangaroo and some lovely wild flowers. The pizza after the circle was much appreciated.



One Response to “The flat run”

  1. Little Weed October 8, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Was one of the best well marked, scenic, endurance nature walks I’ve been on for awhile.