A run on a day that was unusually cold and wet

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Bilgoman carpark, Greenmount

With every day around it hot and sunny, this particular Sunday was cold and wet–a welcome but surprising change.  I’d delayed laying the trail due to the threat of rain, and ended up hastily throwing down the flour after lunch. Some runners still displayed signs of a “Doctor Who hangover”…leftover fishfinger and custard cupcakes after the run evidence of their late night shenanigans.

The run/walk looped around the recently prescribe-burned national park. It was quite lucky it was not hot, as there was a complete lack of foliage, so it was rather more like running through a carpark than a forest. Hopefully some of the bush springs back after a bit of rain.

Runners came home after 50 minutes…walkers 5 minutes after that. There were no takers for jumping into the pool for a swim. Slack.

On On
El Keeno

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