Ghost Hare

On On: Boya quarry
Hare: Dripper

A text message, painstakingly read by GPS on his 1920s era handphone, explained that the Hare would be operating the run by remote–from his skyscraper HQ in the city. It was a novel approach that future Hare’s may consider, especially as it helps them avoid down-downs and fines in the circle. (Dripper: in your absence you were dobbed in for being Santa again this year.)

The run followed the train line all the way to the top of Scott Street, meandering back through the urban streets of Koongamia and Helena Valley. Sight of interest was the house with an assortment of human sculptures and a giant swan looming overhead.

Treat of the day was freshly topped meringues courtesy of Pickup Chick and Piping Hot, to celebrate Piping Hot’s recent birthday.

On On,
El Keeno

One Response to “Ghost Hare”

  1. Little Weed December 8, 2013 at 8:03 am #

    Well I didn’t see ANY railway track, definately didn’t see Scott street, so therefore missed out on seeing that perculyar house with overhanging swan!!