The run after Xmas

We gathered at Redlight and Red Dwarf’s house. It was a jointly set run by Redlight (walk) and Dripper (run) There were some new people/visitors…

We ran/walked. We came back, had drinks and circle. Dripper had managed to find the ONLY hill in the area (a slight incline, I believe) so the runners had a “hill” The walk was pleasant with a park and playground included( would have been a good drinks stop ..) The GM charged people for silly things like talking and not listening to him and other nonsense. The Monk made his own family ( what a thing to do ) have some down-downs for some reason or other !

We then proceeded to have a lovely BBQ with Champers and Hibiscus flowers ( you had to be there ! ) and slowly the sunset over another great Hash run. ON ON
Pink Bits

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