Round the bridge(s)

On On: South Perth foreshore
Hares: Mucky Drawers and Zimmerman

We gathered far from our normal haunts for a run on the very lovely foreshore. Twas also the last time we’d see our Hares, as they are returning to their native shores in Grenada.

Walkers were escorted westwards towards the South Perth jetty and back, while runners were directed east and left to our own devices. The thought of rounding both bridges was a bit too much for us, so we modified the run on the go, and ran around Herrison Island (sp?) instead, which was just about spot on with regards to length.

Following, we were treated to some brilliant curry puffs and other things that I cannot now recall…but they were also splendid, so the Hares went well and truly beyond the call of duty this time.
A great day and a fantastic run.

On On
El Keeno

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