A to B

Hare: El Keeno
On On: my place, Greenmount

I’d been hoping for a slightly cooler day. It wasn’t too bad, but the humidity was high so I was worried I might lose some participants along the wayside.  Everyone made it home intact, although Effigy tried to get out of the run early by throwing his head against the underside of our house.

The run last about an hour, threading through Swan View and into the nature reserve beside the cemetery, ending at the Stratton shops…so about 7.5 km. Keeping that in mind, the runners kept up an  impressive pace.  Hot Mama arrived in the Tarago and zipped us all home. Luckily, being the svelte bunch we are, we all fit comfortably and there was probably room for 2 or 3 more in the car.

Walker’s had a tough hill to overcome in the form of Stirling Street…so pats on backs for all making it up there.

After we enjoyed a selection of dishes while waiting for the Australia Day fireworks. They were visible and audible…just…and of course we enjoyed the great selection of classic Aussie hits courtesy of 94.5.

On On
El Keeno

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  1. Little Weed January 27, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

    well written and THANKS to yourself and Hot Mama for having us all there for that…..
    Little Weed