swim, don’t run.

Hare: Leapfrog, sort of
On On: Bilgoman pool, sort of

There was no actual run, instead we met to swim.  Bilgoman being Bilgoman, I was shivering just looking at it. Most ventured in.  I was not part of that most, having had enough of that particular pool when being thrown in by nuns in my childhood.  But enough of my personal trauma, my kidlings all jumped in for a splash, as did the rest of the Hash youngsters. There was some serious lap-swimming done, and statistically speaking at least one Hasher peed in the pool (just kidding…most probably did).

Hashers then picnickered or bbqed, and it was very much a social day.  Proceeds for the dayof $100  were donated to Wings of Love (from memory–do please correct me if I am wrong), a charity that assists people who are very ill travel to visit family (please also help me correct this, if it is not quite accurate).

On On
El Keeno

2 Responses to “swim, don’t run.”

  1. Pink Bits February 10, 2014 at 3:40 pm #

    The charity is for women who have breast cancer and would like to visit family but don’t have the funds. Pole Dancer is organising it and the Hills Hashers donated $100 ! Well done everyone ! ! !

  2. Little Weed February 14, 2014 at 11:53 pm #

    Just for the record, I swam 22 laps over 5 hours (a personal record for me)