Who was this Glen Forrest person anyway?

Hare: Dripper
On On: Morgan J Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

So Glen Forrest is named after John Forrest.  It was originally Smiths Mill, but whoever Smith was, he must have upset someone and the area was thus renamed…but I still have no idea who Glen is.  John’s nephew?

I was rather shocked to be in the “train playground”–as my kids call it–in hot weather.  For some reason I associate the area with puddles and splashing and kids sopping wet (and dog’s competing in various games).  Anyway, so runners and walkers set off uphill, heading west. Walkers split off rejoin the bridle path and head home (after negotiating a tricky gravel slope of which we were forewarned), while runners wizzy-wigged the top end of the district to arrive back Home via Hardey Road.

Skimpy did some special orienteering work near the end, forging his own path Home.

A delightful BBQ followed, with some great salad supplied by Made Muffin, and home-baked bread from Leapfrog.

On On
El Keeno

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