Cruel and unusual punishment

Hares: Effigy and Mrs Wobbly
On On: Parkerville

I have to say it was a very enjoyable trail.  The Hares got up to their usual tricks, absolutely confounding the pack, to such a degree that Leapfrog was front-walking the runners for a brief spell.  It was good for me too as I was a bit limpy, but still managed to get to the front a few times, what with the front-runners off on all those false trails (sometimes never to return!).  We discovered the super-secret Parkerville playground, hidden away where townies will never find it, and all those little snickets* between the houses are quite delightful.

The circle was its usual chaotic hodgepodge of this, that and the other.  I really don’t pay attention any more, unless there is some mention of food (which there was only briefly). Pinkbit’s joke was surprisingly funny (or so I recall, even though I cannot now remember what it was)…the cheese platter was delicious.

On On
El Keeno

* snicket: a little laneway/passageway between houses (thanks Leapfrog for the term).  Urban Dictionary also states that it should be partially vegetated, dimly lit and have bollards at both ends.

Dave: Where’s the pub, mate?
Kev: Down’t road, first snicket on’t right, pas’t badger and on’t left.

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